Monday, 3 December 2012


While otw to Khatib!

Waiting for bus

Lil handsome =)

Overdue photos! Taken on 5th of Oct (my last day of work!)

Qiu Hsia, Joey & I

Will miss u girls~!

Posing for photo again!

Engrossed in playing iPad

Daddy & son

My 2 lovelies~

Feeling really bored now as i got nothing to do at home :/ But thinking of going back work makes me feel more sian. Lol dunno what i want also! For the time being, i know i won't be returning back to work any sooner. Anyway i feel so tempted to go Ion Orchard's H&M! Heard that it just opened recently. Last time when i was still working, i will walk past Ion Orchard almost everyday and H&M was still under construction. And now that it's finally opened, i really feel like going there and have a look! Some more i can take the chance to go back and find my ex-colleagues at Isetan! Today hub was really sweet when he saw that i was going to cook cup noodle. He immediately told me he will go downstairs and dabao food for me! Got hub to dabao chicken cutlet and coffee. Love him to the max~!

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