Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen

Yesterday met up with sis after her work with Elton. Has sudden craving for spicy miso ramen and sis treat me! Heh. The ramen taste rather good almost same like the one i had before at Isetan. Slurps love the soup! Ordered a kids meal for Elton :) Before dinner we went Ntuc to buy some groceries. And we are back home after buying some biscuit :))

Today i brought Elton to Northpoint after school, had our lunch at mos burger! Elton loved the mos chicken a lot. After that went cold storage to buy laksa lamian and my favourite cereal. And i brought a Thomas training chopstick for Elton. It cost $16.95(faint :X) Couldn't control myself and i went to buy more biscuits. 4 boxes of biscuit for $19 -.- Over-spent today zzz

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