Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How I Found Out About My 2nd Pregnancy.


Menses was late for 6 days. At first was not surprised cause my menses was irregular. The longest i missed my menses was 2 weeks but tested and it was negative. So this time decided to use those cheap test strip. When the result came out, i was shocked to see 2 lines! Ask sis to buy me clearblue kit when she finished work. Tested again and it was positive. Called hubby and told him that i need to go polyclinic for urine test. At first he still didn't understand what i was saying but soon he understood. Can hear that he was excited too.


Went polyclinic to do urine test cause i'm still not really convinced :/ And the result came out as pregnant. Doctor prescribed me some iron pills. And i took referral letter to KKH. The earliest appointment was on 19/09/2013.


Went KKH for my first checkup. Did routine test and proceeded for ultrasound scan. And we got to know that baby was 6 weeks old :)

So far only experienced nauseous, bloated, headache, dizziness. As compared to when i had Elton, this pregnancy like not much symptoms. But i was always craving for sweet and spicy stuffs. Hubby told me when i had Elton, i only crave for salty stuffs.

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