Saturday, 14 June 2014

Baby Arielle's Checkup On 1 Month And 4 Days Old.

Pictures taken few days back.

Getting annoyed already

Taken last night when Elton initiated for a photo together :)

Baby Arielle's full month cake!

Indri and Baby Arielle

Baby Arielle looking at the camera

Indri and Elton

Clothing bought by Indri for Arielle (Thanks again!)

Yesterday we bought Arielle to polyclinic for her Hep B 2nd Dose. Brave girl only cried for a short while after the injection. Then was doctor's assessment. Baby Arielle is weighing at 5.1kg now. 97 percentile :X And her height is 56.5cm. Tall girl as told by doctor :D Was kinda shocked when we saw her weight. We thought she will be the most 4kg+ lol. No wonder the size s diaper was getting tight on her. At night indri came to visit us. And she bought some clothing for Arielle. She's always buying stuffs for us making me feel so paiseh! Previously she bought clothing for Elton too. Really thankful to have such a nice friend =)) Had a great time catching up with her. Looking forward to another meetup soon!

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