Saturday, 5 July 2014

Painful Boobs Once Again.

Been experiencing swollen nipple and areola since 26th Of June, Thursday. Missed a pump session and when i came back home to pump, found out that my left nipple and areola was swollen :( Had fever in the afternoon then i know i've gotten mastitis. Coz my left breast was red and swollen. Went to KKH on 2nd Of July, Wednesday to see LC. And she helped me to massaging and squeeze out the milk that was stuck there. It was so so painful i swear! Was advised to continue massaging and hand expressing every 3 hourly coz it was still swollen. Now the lump has gotten a bit smaller but it's still painful sigh. Wonder why will i really recover? So damn painful to roll and squeeze my nipple and areola! Been putting cold cabbage but seems not much use though. Never will i want to experience all this difficulties again!

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