Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lil Precious~

Kor Kor and Mei Mei

Cheeky look lol!

Hmm thinking of something~


Little Sister

Having sweet dreams~

Kor Kor Elton

Bringing my both LO out on my own

Tummy time but actually i'm eating my mitten :P

How do i look with my new headband?


Funny expression~

Here to upload photos of my 2 precious. Elton has been getting on my nerves recently. Guess he is just finding ways to attract attention? Sigh, he is always purposely talking loudly or shouting whenever Arielle is asleep. Have told him not to do so coz he will wake meimei up. But he simply don't listen to me. Making me fed up and scold him. I know i need to have more patience but i really can't take it especially now when my boob are still hurting. Pls let me recover real soon if not really will ki siao!

Anyway 3 more days Baby Arielle will be turning 2 months old. Can't wait for her head to be stable so that i can use the ergo baby carrier to bring her out!

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