Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Elton Got Admitted To KKH =(

20/08/2014 Wednesday: Day 2 in hospital

Looking better than day 1 :)

Bought Elton to polyclinic on 19/08/2014 Tuesday. Coz he has been having fever since Saturday night. Sunday midnight Elton start to have high fever. Fed him ibuprofen and paracetamol. On Monday his temp was slightly stable so we thought he will be ok in a few more days. But who knows on Tuesday morning his temp went up to 40.9 deg. So we bought him to polyclinic. Hub left for work while the three of us was waiting. Did blood test and doctor says Elton is having an infection and his white blood count was quite high. But she don't know where is the source of infection from. So she send Elton for an x-ray and urine test. After the tests, doctor says the x-ray is normal but he's having urine infection. Doctor referred us to kkh as he have been having fever for 4 days already.

Before that, i was actually whatsapp-ing with indri. Upon knowing that i was alone with 2 bubz. Indri offered to come to yishun and find me. I'm really thankful for her help! If not i really don't know how am i going to bring the both of them to kkh. After seeing the doctor, Elton was actually back to his normal self. So we went back my hse to get something and we wanted to take bus to kkh. While we were otw back, Elton suddenly become restless and his temp actually went up. I took his temp at home and it was 40 deg. Indri suggested we take cab instead as Elton was really feeling very unwell. While walking downstairs to flag a cab, suddenly it rained and Arielle was crying for milk. So i had to feed her milk while indri was still flagging for a cab. (So sorry that i make her stand in the rain to flag for cab)

Saw Ashton's mummy when i was making milk and she helped me. Thankful for her also! After Arielle drank her milk, she actually pooped! Wah really many things happened at one time :S Finally we managed to flagged a cab. Reached kkh and the nurse took Elton's temp. The nurse gave Elton paracetamol and he had to do another urine test. This time round the urine test was clear. Guess i did it wrongly at polyclinic. Doctor says there's phlegm in Elton's lungs. So they conclude it's an lung infection. Elton had to be admitted to put antibiotic through drip. Now Elton is still having on and off fever. Sigh wish my boy will faster recover and be back home! So sorry to trouble indri for the whole day. She actually stayed with us till at night. Thanks indri! ♥

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