Saturday, 26 December 2009

34 weeks bump :D

Today is my 34weeks preggie :D
2 more weeks to 9 months!
3 more weeks to Baby Elton's Full-Term!
soon he will be born le :D
i'm so excited and nervous lah!
i'm scare of labour pain all tat..
but i think all will be worth it when i see Baby Elton =)
Today afternoon went to eat Seoul Garden wif Z..
2 persons 46 dollars plus!
so expensive leh..
last time i only pay student price..
Z was rather unhappy wif me..
coz so expensive..
but the money is my sis give de..
i told her i wan eat Seoul Garden,
ask her transfer 50 dollar to my bank..
she really did!
next thurs might be going eat Steamboat?
after do my admission ba..
update till here!
do tag me k? =)

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