Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Elton's Clothes ; New Phone

Elton's drawer 1

Elton's drawer 2

The clothing given by my cousin

LG KM730
Heard frm mum tat my cousin going to pass me things for Elton..
tot was a few thing only..
in the end,
got few bags of clothing + hats and mitten and bootie..
a baby cot etc...
and now just over a nite,
Elton's clothes become alot..
was Z's off day..
went Northpoint to return books,
den KFC for our brunch..
den we went AMK HUB to tried the dress..
but too long and look too ugly on me..
so decided dun buy..
went down to the Starhub shop..
enquire abt phones..
decided to buy LG KM730..
coz not really ex mah..
sign up line de..
den went to buy a hp pouch..
and bought bubble tea~
back to Khatib,
went to buy Mixed Veg Rice back..
den home sweet home~

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