Sunday, 7 February 2010

Elton's Birth Story


It was my 39 weeks and 2 days checkup,
did routine checkup den to see doctor..
was told to do an ultrasound scan..
after that returned to see doctor..
doctor told me my amniotic fluid was getting low and she suggested i get induce..
was given 2 dates,
2nd of february or 3rd of february..
chose 2nd of february cause we can't wait to see Baby Elton!
was damn nervous all tat..
went bugis to pray for safe labour..
den back home to prepared..


Left house at 11am plus,
took bus to KKH..
reach there,
went up to Delivery Suite..
i was been sent to the room inside,
while hubby was waiting outside..
after went in,
was strap on CTG..
need to observe for 20 mins before insert tablet..
nurse came in to check and say need to observe another 20 mins..
another 20 mins pass,
was still unable to insert..
in the end was observed for 1 hr..
nurse came in to do VE and she said i am not dilated yet..
about 3.35pm insert 1st tablet..
started to have slight contraction..
was still bearable for me..
was in Delivery Suite for 2 hrs..
nurse came in at 6pm to take off the CTG thing..
6.20pm got sent up to ward..
had my dinner and was resting on bed..
Hubby left at 8pm cause visiting hours is over..
8.30pm was strap on CTG again..
was observed for 40 mins like tat..
10.20pm lights off..
was abt to fall asleep when i felt pain coming in at 10.50pm..
lasted for 1 hr..
called hubby and told him abt the pain..
This time the pain was kinda unbearable for me..
Hubby told me to press the bell for help..
nurse came to ask wad happen,
told her i was having pain and it lasted for 1 hr already..
so i was sent to Delivery Suite at 11.20pm..
was strap on CTG and put on drip..
the pain was getting more and more intense..
wanted to request for epidural,
but doctor says its too early..
doctor came to do VE,
and says i'm only 1.5cm dilated..
request for a jab on thigh..
but could still feel the pain..
4am was sent back to ward..
the nurse told me if i cannot stand the pain den tell them..
was lying on bed,
enduring the contractions and i couldn't sleep for the whole nite..


Morning took blood pressure and temperature..
was strap on CTG after tat..
the weird thing was,
after i woke up,
there was no pain already..
at 11am plus,
Hubby came and accompany me..
we went down to have lunch..
den walk around to see things..
back to ward at 12pm plus..
chatted wif hubby and as usual,
he was asking our naughty boy when is he coming out..
abt 9pm plus,
Hubby left..
at 10pm,
was told to go down Delivery Suite to insert 2nd tablet..
so i told hubby and asked him to stayed..
Hubby was outside waiting for me..
and we were smsing each other..
was observed for 40 mins,
only had slight pain like the day before..
after observing,
Hubby accompany me back to ward to rest..
i wanted him to stay so badly but it was impossible..
so i was rather emotional as i was afraid the pain will come back like the nite before..
in the end,
i slept through the nite..


was havin pain when i woke up..
was still bearable..
nurse came to do CTG..
after awhile,
doctor came to do VE,
and she told me i'm 3cm dilated..
after awhile nurse came to inform me to go down Delivery Suite..
9.30am got sent down to Delivery Suite..
was strap on CTG first..
called hubby to come as i will be giving birth soon..
so when i'm lying down,
Hubby was beside me giving me moral support..
was put on drip after tat..
soon the pain was really unbearable..
i was like moaning in pain..
Hubby keep on asking me to hang on..
when the midwife came in,
i requested for epidural..
soon the anaesthetist was here..
Hubby was asked to go out..
after epidural was injected,
i totally felt no pain!
but soon side effects started to come in..
etc felt itchy, nauseous and giddy..
after that doctor came in to check,
she told me she will burst my waterbag..
after waterbag burst,
i got no feeling cause i was on epidural..
so i was lying down watchin tv wif hubby..
About evening time,
i got the feel to pass motion..
was very uncomfortable and i keep trying to hold back..
as i'm scared that i will pass my shit out!
At abt 4.45pm,
midwife came in and ask me to try pushing..
pushed for 2 times but nth happen..
so was told to rest..
i kept telling the nurse that the feel to pass motion is very uncomfortable..
but she told me its normal coz baby is coming out..
midwife came in again and told me tat the epidural is finishing..
and she asked me whether i want to top up or just let it finish..
if top up i will have to wait 1-3 hrs again..
so i asked her to switch it off..
after epidural was finished,
i didn't felt any pain yet..
so the midwife injected something into my drip to make my contractions come..
but i still didn't feel any pain..
at abt 5.05pm,
midwife told me she's gonna ask me to push again..
so together with her help,
i started to push really hard..
the midwife told me i was doing very well..
this time i push for 4-5 times and Baby Elton is out..
doctor came in to stitch my below..
got stitch for 1 hr like that cause Elton's head was quite big..
i had to bear with the pain and i did not want to use the laughing gas..
after stitching,
the midwife carried Elton for measuring all tat..
and thats the very first time i saw my babyboy!
i felt that everything was worthwhile!
she let me try to latch on but Elton did not wan to suck :(
so i got sent up to ward to rest..
tats all for Baby Elton's birth story =)

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