Friday, 21 May 2010

Avent Bottle

Bought Elton to Northpoint wif Z just now..
we bought a Avent Bottle and Avent Teat for him..
hopefully he will use it..
dun like the Tommee and Tippee he dun noe how to suck!
have been wanting to buy a Avent Bottle last time,
but i was too tempted to try the Tommee Tippee one..
results being,
he doesn't noe how to drink frm it..
just now fed him medicine,
and he was crying like mad!
reason is he's tired and wanted to slp..
so after eating medicine,
put him in sarong and he's aslp now =)
7 more days to me and Z's 1st yr marriage!
14 more days to Elton's 4th month and Mich.k's bday!

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