Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Elton's Photos

Busy watching tv~

Smiling to the tv, thinking tat they are toking to him *smacks head*

Cheeky face!
My smiley boy!

Favourite pose for now
Just finish bathing

Trying to eat his hand
My lil cutie pie!
*Staring in progress*
Dunno wad pose is tat.. LOL
Innocent face
Favourite pose again!
Cheeky smile
Say cheese!
Chubby chubby!

Mummy and precious son <3

I'm here to update~
Elton is getting more and more naughty nowadays!
drink milk muz show temper,
when u scold him,
he will continue to shout more loudly!
dunno where he learn frm -.-
muz slowly coax him den he will continue to drink..
today he woke me up at 7am plus,
i fed him milk,
played wif him till 8.30am,
put him into sarong and he fell aslp..
but he woke up at 9.10am..
ownself played till 9.20am den fell aslp..
i couldn't get back to slp thus i'm online now..
now he is still slpin even though 4 hrs has passed for his milktime..
anyway 3 more days to me and Z's 1st marriage anniversary!

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