Thursday, 3 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Pics taken last week~

Happy lil boy~

Good morning~

Hello, i am practicing standing :D


Yummy comb~


Taking afternoon nap today.

Otw out to bai nian in his CNY clothes~

Mummy and Babyboy :)

So bright~

恭喜发财~! 红包一个来! :P

Happy CNY to all!
today went to my gugu's hse to bai nian..
全家出动! LOL
ate abit of steamboat there,
den it's the give and take time :(
tml morning will be heading to cousin's condo for gathering..
counted a total of 21 angbaos i need to give..
tis time really sad die me liao :'(
but it's ok as i got Elton to spend tis year's CNY :D
tat's enough..
anyway gonna start work on saturday..
dread going back sia :S
i still wanna stay at home and enjoy..
i love talking to princess, narcisa, siew cheng, louisa, daniel and tat keane who always bio chiobu? LOLOL!

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