Friday, 4 February 2011

1 Year Old!

Last year of today,
i gave birth to my babyboy Elton..
and now he is already 1 year old!
still can't believe tat my lil boy has already grown up!
mummy is so proud of u, darling!
grow up happily and healthily alright!
mummy is contented to have u in my life!
Drinking 150ml 3-4 hourly (idk why his milk intake is getting lesser as he grow up :x)
Knows how to crawl
Can walk a few steps independently
Still loves to run in his walker
Loves to call "ma ma" by playing with his saliva
Loves to go gai gai especially in car/taxi
Loves to eat anything we are eating
Hates taking pictures
Knows how to recognise people

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