Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bad Week.

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Poor lil boy

Poor lil Elton was down wif fever on friday..
his temp refuse to come down and stayed on 39 degrees..
so no choice we had to bring him to kkh yesterday..
nurse measured his temp and it was 41.1 degrees..
nurse give him fever medicine and we had to monitor him for 1 hr..
den later gave himthe open airway medicine..
thankfully after 2 hrs or so,
his temp came down and Elton dun need to be admitted..
headed home and let him nap..
and he was mad cranky since last nite..
only willing to fall aslp when he lie on my tummy..
making me really fed up plus i'm having cough and flu too..
but i noe Elton is feeling really unwell :(
hope he will recover soon..
mummy loves u, babyboy!

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