Saturday, 28 December 2013

Eating And Shopping Day

At Swensens

Finger food~



At Fish & Co.



At Coffee Bean - last stop :p

Our drinks

Happiest buy of the day!

Thanks indri for the christmas prezzie!

Met up with indri at nex. Went to have mac first as Elton was hungry. After that we went to shop around and we decided to have ice cream. So we settled down at swensens. Then we shop around some more and left for novena as indri wanted to buy stuffs there. Brought a romper at square2. Wanted to buy this romper the other time when I saw it at expo and it only cost $5 that time! But i didn't get it because i haven done my detail scan. This time brought it for $8.90 :/ Anyway i'm still happy :D

As Elton was complaining that he was hungry again, we decided to have our dinner at fish & co. Finally get to eat it! Ate till so full! Indri only ordered a salad cause she was too full already. Then we went coffee bean to have drinks and wait for hub to finish work~

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