Thursday, 26 December 2013

Detail Scan For Baby No.2

20 weeks 5 days. It's a baby girl! =)

Zoom in on baby girl's head

Items brought for baby before gender was known.

2 more sets of mittens and booties for baby girl!

Done my detail scan today at ADC. Previously dr goh did tell us it's a baby girl but i still wanted to wait until my detail scan before we start the real shopping heh. Everything was normal after scanning. Finally the sonographer told us that it was a baby girl! So happy and excited! We were so tired cause my appointment for detail scan was at 10am. Can see that Elton was excited when he saw baby on the screen :) After detail scan, went to specialist clinic B to see dr goh. Did another scanning as i told her i got diarrhea and vomiting 2 days ago. And dr goh says baby keep changing position. At ADC her head was on top and when scanning her position changed again! Lol. Just hope that baby girl will be healthy that's all :) Next appointment will be on the 3rd of february, one day before Elton's 4th birthday. Will be doing OGTT. Got to fast the night before :x

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