Friday, 18 April 2014

My Buys From Taobao (April 2014)

Received my taobao buys few days back. Includes a romper, 2 sleep suits for Baby Arielle, a pajamas for Elton and a nursing pajamas for myself :)

Today we had PizzaHut for brunch. Wanted to order mac but they have too many orders

Bought Elton to np in the afternoon. Our tea-break.

Then we had vanilla cone~ First time having the pink cone :)


I will be in my 37 weeks tomorrow. Which means Baby Arielle will be full-term! She can come out anytime from tomorrow onwards. But i still hope she will only come out in May. Just now when i was lying down on my right, i flipped to lying on my back and i had this very sharp pain in my tummy. First time feeling this! Scared the hell outta me. Thankfully it went away after awhile. And now i'm having this stretching pain inside. What are u doing inside huh Baby A? So torturing now whenever i went to the toilet in the middle of night or morning. Cause i won't be able to to fall asleep back immediately. Just a few more weeks to go. Jiayou to myself!!

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