Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Stuffs From Popular

Bought this confinement cookbook just now and hubby will be cooking for me :) Most prolly just gonna order 14 days of confinement meals then the rest of the days hub will cook. Also bought drawing block, colour pencils for Elton. As he has been drawing on paper nowadays. This boy was so happy when he saw the stuffs for me. He keep asking me did i buy all these for him. And said thank u to me :) My silly boy.

Anyway hub and i have decided on babygirl's name. Arielle 付婷萱 =) Thought of this chinese name when i was expecting Elton (before knowing gender). Just nice now can use this name for his meimei :) Came upon this name Arielle and i fell in love with it! So i discussed with hub and he likes it too. So tomorrow is my checkup, excited yet kind of afraid. Can see Baby Arielle again but not sure if she did listen to us anot :/

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