Thursday, 8 May 2014

39 Weeks 5 Days Checkup - Admitting Tomorrow!

Baby Arielle at 39 weeks 5 days

This morning went for my appt. Went AMC first to check waterbag level and estimated fetal weight. Baby Arielle is weighing 3.3kg now. Then we went Clinic B and i did routine test then proceeded to Clinic A for ctg. Lay down there for more than an hour cause the first time didn't detect anything -.- After that headed to Clinic B to see doctor. Dr Goh did cervix check for me and she told me i am already 3cm dilated. Giving me the choice of admitting either today or tomorrow. So after discussing with hub, we chose tomorrow to break waterbag. Dr Goh says most prolly 4-5 hours later i will give birth.

So tomorrow morning i got to admit at 6am. Still can't believe we are going to see our babygirl tomorrow!! I'm hoping for a fast and smooth labour. And Baby Arielle to come out safely and healthily! Got sis to take leave tomorrow to help us look after Elton. Got to enjoy drinking more plain water tonight already. Only afraid that i can't sleep tonight >.<

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