Sunday, 18 May 2014

Baby Arielle's Birth Story.

The moment when Baby Arielle is out!

Room-in with mummy for breastfeeding :)

Daddy with his 2 precious

Carrying my lil princess

Baby Arielle opened her eyes!

My pretty babygirl!

09/05/2014 Friday

Woke up at 4am to prepare and head to hospital. Inform sis to help us look after Elton before we left. On-call cab and we stop at mac to buy breakfast first. Reached Kandang Kerbau Hospital at 6am but got to wait as delivery suites were full. Went in at about 7.30am, changed to the gown and lay down to strap on ctg. At 8.46am, i was on drip and antibiotic. Shortly after i requested for epidural though i was not having any pain yet. At 10.09am, i was 4cm dilated. Doctor came in to burst my waterbag and after that anaesthetist came to administer epidural. And i can slowly feel contractions coming. It was still bearable but after that it was getting stronger. I tried to breathe in and out when contractions came. Was feeling drowsy and i fell asleep in between. At about 2pm, doctor came to check for dilation and when i lift up my legs, doctor say can see baby's head already. She ask me can't i feel it? But seriously i didn't feel anything only until i lift up my legs. So nurses started to prepare for baby's birth. At 3.30pm, nurse told me to lift up my legs and push. They ask me to bend my legs and i gave one push and my babygirl is out at 3.40pm. This time round baby came out very fast. After giving birth was feeling nauseous and feel like vomiting. Guess that's the side effect of having epidural. Tried to breastfeed and babygirl knows how to suck! Stayed at ward 32-21. Same ward but different bed as Elton last time. Got to stay in single room as no other rooms were available.

Really thankful for hub to be with me throughout my labour. Can see that he was very happy when Baby Arielle was out! Night time sis bought Elton to visit baby and i. He was feeling shy when he first saw us. I got discharged at 5pm the next day on 10/05/2014.

Today is day 10 of my confinement. 2 more days to bath and 20 more days to end of confinement! Hub going back work on this coming friday :( Don't know if i can cope with two on my own anot :/ Currently Elton is down with hfmd :'( Sigh can't let him get close to Baby Arielle.

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