Saturday, 20 September 2014

CWP With Indri.

Mummy and baby

Our drinks!


Chicken supreme! All time favourite

Sweet and spicy drumlets!

Forgot what name is this :x

Indri's drink
Waffle ice-cream

Look at my grumpy baby


Chilling at McCafe

Today had a meet up with indri at cwp. Decided to have our lunch at Pizzahut. After lunch, we went to walk around and we went to have dessert at Gelateria Italia. Fed babygirl her milk milk there. Then we window-shopped. We both signed up for Metro card hehe. We are so gonna try Shabu Sai next time! After walking for some time, we decided to find a place to sit down and have a drink. Went to McCafe and we stayed there the longest! Had a great time chatting with indri! Looking forward to the next outing =))

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