Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sushi Tei ; Baby Arielle Is 4 Months Old Today!

*Yum Yum*

New Ange teether

Korkor doting on his meimei


Trying to flip again!

Early dinner yesterday


It's the 9th today which means my babygirl turns 4 months today! Hehe gonna let her lick drumstick and use biscuit as necklace (old wives tales~) later! All i wish is for my both bubz to grow up healthy and happy. Daddy and mummy loves both of u a lot! Happy 4 months Baby Arielle~!


Baby Arielle was not interested in licking drumstick at all. She's more interested on the biscuit instead. Hmm. Thought she will like the drumstick more lol.

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