Monday, 25 January 2010

Today went for checkup..
did routine test den ctg..
but after awhile,
a nurse came in and ask me to wait outside..
later she will call me in..
so waited and waited..
finally the midwife called me in..
after ctg,
went to see doctor..
waited for like half and hr den finally my turn..
went in and spend less than 2 mins and came out le..
it was the same female doctor again..
din really wanna speak to her lah..
after tat,
paid and went off..
we reached kkh at 11am..
left at 1pm plus -.-
me and Z went to United Square..
wanted to find the liquid for washing,
but din manage to find it..
so we went Mums & Babes and bought another receiving blanket for Elton..
told Z i was hungry,
so we went to have Laksa..
after eating,
went to take mrt to ICA..
enquire abt some stuffs and back to Yishun..
bought Bubble Tea den back to Khatib..
Z bought the ingredients for cooking Meat Pattie..
den we went home..
just now had some of the Meat Pattie,
so yummy lor..
later gonna have more..
coz i'm hungry already..
anyway next monday got checkup again..
dunno if Elton will be out anot =x
update till here..

Baby Elton, Mummy and Daddy is getting more and more nervous each day.. When are u going to come out? =P

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